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We would like to introduce our link building plan for your reference. As we all know Google has recently updated its SEO policies. To fight with that we have made some changes in our strategy too. Which seems to be very effective as most of our clients seeing improvement in their website’s ranking and relevant traffic.

Here is what we have changed.

We are putting more focus on guest post blogging which the newest and most powerful way to create backlinks. We will be posting blog post for your website on different high pr relevant blogs which will have a lot of regular followers. It will also help your website to get relevant traffic.

Keyword diversity plays a great role in any SEO strategy. A good SEO policy also can get puncher if you are not using the right mixture of keywords. Last year a research was held to find out the best mixture of keywords after the penguin update and the results were quite impressive they did this test on over 5,000 website many of them were based on highly competitive niches and they were succeed to rank around 78% of website to page 1st. Then they figure out this best formula for using anchor text which is proven and tested after penguin/panda. So according to that test the best way to use keyword is 2% main keyword 25% related LSI keywords 40% URL as anchor text and 23% generic keywords this is proven and a lot of people are getting top Google rankings like this now. Let’s say if the main keyword is online poker the LSI keyword would be play online poker cool online poker site ETC

We all know that if someone is using internet he or she must have a social media account on any of popular social media platform. It is the most popular ways to sharing your thoughts and promoting your business as well even social media is a great thing to get relevant traffic to your website. You can start with creating a basic social media account and add some likes/followers. And we can post the links of blog post which we created on these social media accounts. It will help you to get much exposure to your website. This is called the way to get Facebook or Twitter backlinks. Even we can use URL of your social media account for creating backlinks it will look more natural.

As per as link building is concern will create 4 different tiers for your websites. Each one of them will have a mix of different good quality links and we linked them to each other. Our writer will write high quality content for your websites which will help your sites to get some great contextual links.

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