Online Store from $199 included Hosting and Installation

Get Your Own Online Dropshipping Store from $199 included Hosting and Installation

Online Store from $199 included Hosting and Installation

If you have products to sell and you need a shop or website, you are the right place with our free online stores – no monthly fees, no commission and rent-free!

Our online store  is available bundled with everything you need to sell your products online.

•NO Monthly Fees
•NO Commission
•NO Rents
•Multilanguage Support
•Not an Affiliate
•You keep 100% of the Profits

The package includes:
 Ready Free Online Shop  Price 0.00
 Free registration of subdomains of your choice  Price 0.00 (if using your domain, you will have to pay for your domain).
 Colour design of your choice including the logo and main picture of your online store  Price 30.00
 Installation fee and setup software for your store  Price – one time payment of  49.00
 Create a Web hosting account  the space where the store will be installed and to be accessible online  Price 120.00 per year

Total package price: 199.00 including all options above. The package is final and includes one year hosting. After the first year, the cost of hosting (120.00) is payable once a year. Subscription is free with NO contracts renewing the hosting of your online store!

YOU can Owe an Online Store and make MAKE MONEY on EVERY SINGLE SALE –  Online Shopping Turns to be one of The Most Popular Areas Worldwide:

  • Every second – $15,000 is being spent on online shopping
  • Every second – 150,000 Internet users are searching for online products

Make as much money as you would like by promoting and sending traffic to your site. Is in it that easy?!

Everything you need to start selling online is included and ready to go. This store is ready to accept orders. All you have to do is change the merchant email to yours, load your products or use the one provided from any dropshipper and start accepting orders (please read below about the dropshipping options offered with this store).

What is included with this sale?

• One premium ecommerce online shop in the topic of your choice – see some sample templates
• Color design of your choice
• One custom logo deseign for your web site
• One custom header for youe web store
• Setting up your online shop on our server
• Language installation of your choice (English by default) – the store may support almost any language.
Subdomain of your choice – the format of the subdomain is in the format of: You can have the store installed with your own domain name for NO additional charge, which is optional. Please chеck FAQ for details.

Why Our Online Shop?
• Ready solution.
• NO Experience Required
• Ease Navigation
• Multi Language Support
• Fast Results

Thanks to our services, your business can start within a few days. Creating an online store is good and wise investment simply because:

•You can start selling immediately. The store is created with a few clicks.
•Easy to manage administrative panel.
•Free subdomain – only pay for hosting!
•Free technical support.
•Each online store can use the build in payment systems, which are most suitable for all clients.

Solution for Online Retail
With our online stores, you have the opportunity to acquire a unique e-commerce site – from a small shop to a virtual shopping mall!  Different methods of payment and delivery, full inventory control, unlimited products and categories, the unique design and many other useful tools highlight our stores from our competitors.

Content Management
With our software ready for online trading, you can create, edit and publish various types of content including static pages, articles, graphics, attachments, and many others. Management module allows the user to arrange some convenient and clear for the visitors to your online store.

Website with Products Optimized for search engines
Our online store is optimized for search engines. Some options include the ability to add descriptions and keywords for each category and product.

General Characteristics

Ready online store with product catalog and shopping cart
Intuitive, very easy to use admin panel to manage the store
Select from a large number of ready designs
Registration of users (user accounts) and history of orders
Electronic catalog fully optimized for search engines

Features product catalog / user area
Unlimited products, categories and manufacturers
Filter to view products by category or producers
Easy to use shopping cart
Module Quick Product Search
Online contact form for feedback
Show recently added and new products
Overview of purchased and promotional products
History of orders and products ordered
Module for promotions displayed on a rotating basis
Module to display banners
Unlimited information pages – static pages of information about orders, deliveries, and other contacts

Get Your Own Online Dropshipping Store from $199 included Hosting and Installation

Online Demo
View the demo online store to get an idea on how it works and how it would look when you upload your products. This is the standard design in which online store is available in the form proposed by us.

Check out the online demo store to get an idea of ​​how the control panel work.Some of the functions are limited to security the demo of the online store.

Additional services
Promote your online store and links to your site – Price 50.00 for 1001 link with report

If you do NOT have products to sell, We offer Alternative ways of using your store by loading & selling drop shipper products!

Our store is setup to accept as well orders and payment from customers for goods that you advertise on your website. You don’t hold any stock of these goods. Instead you place an order with the wholesaler (dropshipper) who delivers the goods direct to your customer’s address. The paperwork accompanying the delivery will make it appear that the goods were delivered directly from your business. Your customer pays the retail priced fixed by you, while you pay the wholesale price from the supplier, thereby making a profit.

If you use dropshipping you can set up the the percentage markup

You can set up the the Percentage markup from the admin area on the site. You choose the markup and you do the updates as many times as you want. The system automatically adjust the price based on your markup % preferences. It is easy as 1..2…3

Two main reasons to use dropshipping as alternative:

1. Removes the necessity of holding any stock. This simplifies the operation of the business, but it also benefits the cash flow. Money doesn’t have to be tied up in stock. This is especially useful for a business start-up as it avoids having to risk your own, or borrowed money in buying stock which you may not be able to sell. It also means that you can change the items you sell very easily to cope with changing demand.

2. The second advantage is that your supplier deals with the shipping and packaging. You just keep the profit – the difference between the prices you pay the dropshipper and the prices you set on your website.

Get Your Own Online Dropshipping Store from $199 included Hosting and Installation




Q. I know absolutely nothing about websites or programming, will I be able to run this online business?
A. Yes, you only need very basic knowledge of the internet; nothing else is required as every aspect of the store is controlled by an easy to use online admin control panel (accessible from anywhere in the world). If you need help, we have outstanding support and it’s free.

Q: Can I run this website for sale from home?
A: Yes, you can – as long as you have internet connection this business can be operated from anywhere in the world.

Q. How much time do I need to run this business?
A. It’s your business and it is up to you. You can put a couple of hours or full-time, just depends on what you want to get out of it.

Q: What do I have to do every day?
A: All you have to do is check for orders. If you work with wholesalers, then you will have toforward your orders to the dropshipper as well. As easy as 1,2,3.

Q. Do I need any money to start this business?
A. You do not need any money starting this business if you sell wholesale products. Although, like any business, to be successful you will need to do some marketing.

Q. Do I have to keep any inventory?
A. If you work with dropshippers, the entire inventory is handled by the dropshipper. They also do the packaging and shipping for you.

Q. How much money can I make from this business?
A. It’s up to you and how much effort you want to put into it. The more you market your website, the more sales you’ll likely make.


Q: Are there any hidden fees or charges?
A: There are no hidden fees or charges. All you have to pay is the annual hosting fees of $120 + One time $49 setup fee + $30 Color design of your choice including logo and main picture of your online store – Total of $199

Q. How much is my monthly cost to maintain the website?
A. There is NO monthly cost to maintain the website on our server – the monthly maintaing fee is included with the annual hosting plan, so you dont have to pay additional fees to maintain the website.

Q. Any dropshipper fees?
A. There are no dropshipper fees or minimal order requirements.


Q: I have my own domain I would like to use with this website. Can I use it instead?
A: Of course you can. You can point your domain to our server, or we can do that for you FREE of charge!

Q: I want my OWN domain name, but I dont know how to register one.
  A: I can help you out registering one with for NO additional cost – you pay the actual price for your domain to!


Q. How much is hosting?
A. The cost of hosting this website is $120.00 per year. The fee includes support, unlimited space and bandwidth, free daily back ups and much more.

Q: Do I have to use your hosting?
A: Yes, you are required to use our hosting. We offer 99.9% uptime and free ongoing support and guidance.

Q. Can you transfer the site to my server?
A. We do NOT transfer sites to other servers!


Q. How do I to access my website?
A. As soon as the applicable payment received, we will send you instructions with how to access your website trough the administration area only. You do not need and we do NOT provide FTP access. It is all automated trough your admin panel. – it is easy as 1..2…3

Q. How long till I receive the website?
A. After receiving the payment, the site will be transferred to you within 1-2 business day. In most cases you will receive the website, instructions and the domain transferred to you within 24 hours.

Q: Is it possible to make changes on the website or add additional functionality
A: Yes, I can make any changes for you or add additional functionality for a reasonable fee.

Q. Can I add or remove items and categories from the site?
A. Yes, you can add, edit, delete items and categories easily from the user friendly admin panel.

Q. Do you have other established website businesses selling different products?
A. Yes, we have many Website stores offering different products. I can create you as well a custom designed website based on your unique niche – not a cookie-cutter site built around supposedly high-priced keywords.

Q. Can you build me a "super" mall? – I want to have more products with different categories.
A. Yes, we can build you a "super" mall with products in many categories.

Q. Can I place banners and/or ads?
A. You can place advertising banners trough the admin area interface of the website.


Q: I have my own products that I want to sell. Can I add them to the existing ones?
A: Yes, you can add as many products and categories as you wish. You can do that from the admin panel. It is very easy to do and I will assist you if you need help.

Q: I don’t like some of the current products and want to replace them with my own. Can I?
A: Of course you can edit/delete products trough the admin area interface of the website.

Q: What is the dropshipping product markup percent
A: The current mark up % is between 10 and 20%. The recommended markup percent is 50% but it can be up to 100%. Changing the markup percent is very easy and with a single click you will be able to change the prices on all items.


Q: Who is responsible for shipping the products and returns from the dropshippers?
A: You are required to ship your products! The dropshipper ships the products you have sold trough your store for you and they also handle all returns.

Q: Is it possible to ship internationally
A: Yes you can, as well most dropshippers ship internationally.


Q. How do I receive payments from customers?
A: The site has many payment options and can accept credit cards or check on delivery. All you have to do is change the Paypal email or the merchant account information to yours and you are ready to accept orders.

Q. How will I make money from the dropshing products?
A. You can make money from this site by:
1. Selling products – you make money by keeping the difference between the prices you pay the dropshipper and the prices you set on your website. We spent over 1 year researching different dropshippers and for this website business we use a dropshipper with the most competitive prices, low shipping rates and great return policy. You can setup the margin up to 60% to stay competitive. What does this mean? – For example you pay the dropshipper $10 for a product and sell it for $15.50 on your website, keeping the $5.50 difference.

Q. Can I sell my products on Ebay or Other places?
A. Yes, you can sell products in Ebay as well on other similar places including dropship products from your website for extra profits.

Q: How much help you provide promoting my site and what’s the cost?
A: We can promote any website by creating DoFollow Backlinks. For instance I offer 500 Website Promotion DoFollow Backlinks with report for $20. We offer many different packages backlinks. Backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page. Inbound links significance lies in search engine optimization (SEO). The number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page. This is used by Google to determine the PageRank of a webpage. You may check our backlink promotions and choose the package that best fits your needs.

Q: Is it possible to make additional money by placing ads and different advertising banners
A: Yes. You can make extra money by placing ads from any advertising networks.

Q: Do you have other websites selling other products?
A: Yes, we have 100’s of different websites selling different products. We can also build a super store using a combination of several different product types.


Q. How reliable is the dropshipper?
A. We have researched many different dropshippers. We selected the ones with the most competitive prices, lowest shipping rates and great return policies.

Q. Are the dropshipper prices competitive? What’s the margin?
A. The prices are very competitive. The margin can be anywhere between 15% and 60% and up to %100!


Q. Do I get support? How much will the support cost me?
A. As long as you stay hosted with us, you will get our free outstanding support.

Get Your Own Online Dropshipping Store from $199 included Hosting and Installation

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