SEO Steps by

SEO Steps by

The first step of the SEO is Stage 1 – On Site Optimization (internal SEO). Stage 1 include enabling of OG – open graph, With internal SEO you will rank higher on less competitive terms searches compared with search results to websites with NO internal SEO. With the appropriate OG, your site will boost to top 50 or so, on Google within two weeks based on your main key-phrase word (site title). I charge for this on site setting $10 per site.

STAGE 1 will add to all your website pages:

og locale content
og type content
og title content
og description

The purpose of internal SEO is to optimize your web pages for ranking well in organic SERP.

If you want your website to boost further, adding appropriate OG meta tags is a must and that apply to all pages and categories (less single syndicated posts). I charge $3.50 per page and that include manual insertion of:

– Appropriate keyword insertion in the page heading
– Appropriate keyword insertion in the page title
– Appropriate keyword insertion in the page URL
– Appropriate content insertion with all the applicable attributes such as: description, headings, images, titles, alts, hyperlinks and canonical links.
– Appropriate keyword insertion in the meta description

You can decide how many pages have a priority and need to be optimized manually. This allow you to calculate your budget based on the pages you would like to be optimized (10 pages x $3.50 = will cost only $35).


Once your site have manually optimized pages you have to think about Stage 2 – Off SEO (external SEO). Without performing additional external SEO, you should know that no matter how well your site is optimize internally, you will not rank in the first pages for highly competitive keywords ONLY.

Stage 2 include link building campaign and ensures that your website collects votes / links for the search phrases you want to be ranked for in the search engines. This external SEO work will affect the ranking of your own website in the search engines. It is important for the back-links to be placed on a page in theme with your site, a page which has good content (but no PR). This type of links count more than the directory back-links with high PR.

The Social bookmarking links I built manually, and I don’t use automated software. Choosing link building services will help improve your rankings in all the search engines without doubt. I charge $1 for each single & do follow link building with report.

* The SEO techniques I use are always based on the latest search engine algorithms.

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